Recent Before & After Photos

Sudden Rain Storm Damages Ceiling

SERVPRO of Bend was called out to this apartment complex when a sudden storm hit Central Oregon.The strong winds fell trees and caused some electrical outages i... READ MORE

Water Damage To Lodge Ceiling

This mountain lodge suffered a broken pipe in the ceiling, causing damage to the ceiling material. SERVPRO of Bend was called in to assess the damage.After mete... READ MORE

Crates Damaged By Mold

SERVPRO of Bend was called to clean shipping crates that had been exposed to the elements and then stored in a warm, humid environment for an extended amount of... READ MORE

Commercial Property Cleanup

This commercial property owner had piles of debris from illegal dumping and multiple abandoned homeless camps, resulting in people leaving their trash and unwan... READ MORE

Fire Damage at a Vacation Home in Sunriver, OR

This house suffered a severe fire when an unattended candle ignited some papers nearby. Thankfully, nobody was hurt but the house suffered an extreme amount of ... READ MORE

Storm Team Takes Action in Bend, OR

The 2017 winter brought a large amount to Central Oregon. SERVPRO of Bend had so many calls that they asked SERVPRO Corporate's Storm Team to assist.Multiple fr... READ MORE

Fire Damage to Commercial Kitchen

This commercial kitchen in a Bend, Oregon resort  had a fire due to a vat of grease igniting. SERVPRO of Bend's Fire Team was called in to clean the area o... READ MORE

Cleaning of Exterior Sidewalk

This apartment building had an unfortunate event happen in front of their structure. The event caused the victim to have excessive bleeding in a public area.SER... READ MORE

Fire Damage Repairs in Sunriver Vacation House

This vacation home in Sunriver, Oregon had a fire that devastated most of the structure. ortunately, nobody was hurt.SERVPRO of Bend was called in to asses... READ MORE

Drywall Repair

This commercial office in Bend, Oregon had a water loss that required removal of wet drywall. Due to the nature of this customers services, SERVPRO of Bend was ... READ MORE