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Commercial Air Conditioning Leak Bend, OR

SERVPRO of Bend was called out to a manufacturing plant when it was reported that water was leaking from above into one of the clean rooms used to refine the wo... READ MORE

Mold in Garage Workout Room in Bend, OR

SERVPRO of Bend was called out to this home in Bend, Oregon after the homeowner had noticed a black growth on the interior garage drywall. The small room also w... READ MORE

Tree Limb Damages Roof in Bend, OR

Winds gusting to 40 mph hit Central Oregon Tuesday, toppling trees around Bend and to the south, triggering a dust storm and causing multiple accidents througho... READ MORE

Mold in Bathroom Floor Causes Damage, Redmond Oregon

SERVPRO of Bend was called out to a home in Redmond, OR. The homeowner reported that the floor was "spongy" and the bathroom was smelling of mildew.SERVPRO of B... READ MORE

Kitchen Line Break, Bend Oregon

SERVPRO of Bend was called to this house in Bend, Oregon after the owner found bubbles in their kitchen vinyl floor.The owner had returned from a weeks vacation... READ MORE

Roof Leak at Living Facility Madras, Oregon

This multi-unit living facility in Madras, Oregon had a sudden water leak that caused damage to the internal structure, including the ceiling, internal walls an... READ MORE

Office Store Room Water Damage Bend, OR

This office building store room suffered water damage due to a built-in dehumidifier line breaking. The unit was located in the attic space and after years of u... READ MORE

Fire Damage Reconstruction In Bend, Oregon

SERVPRO of Bend was called out to a bathroom fire that was caused from an unattended candle. Because the business needed to stay open during the repairs, &... READ MORE

Cleaning Dryer Vents

SERVPRO of Bend Water Technicians were working on a water loss in Madras, Oregon. The water loss had affected the complete laundry room, including the viny... READ MORE

Soot and Dust Accumulation After Wildfire

While on the storm event in Mendocino County, California SERVPRO of Bend's storm team experienced quite a bit of soot and dust. A lot of the foreign materi... READ MORE