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SERVPRO of Bend Fire Cleaning Team

Fire damage cleaning in Central Oregon requires knowledge and understanding of what happened.

SERVPRO of Bend’s Fire Cleaning Team is certified in Fire and Smoke Damage.

Due to the complexities of a fire damaged property, it is important to have the right person on the job. SERVPRO of Bend’s Fire Cleaning Team is a trusted resource to be on site. We not only understand the complexities of a fire but respect the situation. It is not unusual for SERVPRO of Bend’s Fire Cleaning Team to be called on site immediately so that we can work with the insurance carrier and homeowner to create a strategy for proper mitigation.

If you have questions about Fire Cleaning or would like to make in inquiry about how to properly clean Fire or Smoke damage, feel free to give us a call (541) 385-7044.

SERVPRO - Ready for Any Size Water Loss in Central Oregon

Water damage in Central Oregon requires rapid response to minimize damages.

That is why SERVPRO of Bend has trucks stocked with the necessary restoration equipment which can be dispatched on a moment’s notice. We understand that when you have a water loss, time can be critical to minimize any secondary damage.

We service Bend, Redmond, Sunriver, La Pine, Madras, Prineville and surrounding areas.

It is important for our trucks to have all the necessary equipment to service this size of a territory.

Our technicians and equipment are available 24 hours a day, seven days of the week.

If you experience a water loss or have any questions about our service area, feel free to call us at (541)385-7044.

Who to Call When You Need the Latest High Tech Equipment

When calling on a company in Central Oregon to manage a loss at your home, you need to call SERVPRO of Bend.

SERVPRO of Bend uses the latest equipment to get your property back to its original, pre loss condition.

Recently, Storm damage in Central Oregon had caused extensive water damage requiring the use of the most up to date equipment. 

SERVPRO of Bend inventories the latest high-tech water restoration equipment to serve our neighbors when they need help with water or storm damage.

If you think your home is in need of some dry out due to water or ice damage, give us a call at (541)385-7044.

SERVPRO of Bend Professional Estate Cleaning Services

SERVPRO of Bend provides complete Estate Clean up services for family and friends that need help with the cleaning of a property where a relative had once lived.

Often, family members of the individual are left not only with the burden of grief, but the complexity of settling and sorting through the possessions and personal items their loved ones leave behind.

SERVPRO of Bend offers a free estimate for the property that can address any number of issues that need to be resolved in an estate clean out situation.

From inventorying items to completely cleaning the property, we can ensure that the property will be handled by our professional estate services team.

SERVPRO of Bend Servicing Hoarding Cleanup

SERVPRO of Bend specializes in Hoarding Clean Up. We've successfully worked in hoarder situations and take pride in knowing how to relate to the individual and treat them with respect. 

Hoarding Clean Up is a serious issue, and dealing with the hoarder and realizing what the reasons they have become a hoarder is important to solving the hoarding issue.

Our employees know how important it is to work with the hoarder for the hoarding clean up situations. 

There are many specialties that SERVPRO of Bend deals with on a daily basis and Organization and Sorting is one of the most important aspects to keeping a home or building clean.

SERVPRO of Bend will not only come in to clean the property, but we help go through the items and sort through all the unwanted items with care.

SERVPRO of Bend Certified in Biohazard

SERVPRO of Bend is certified in Bio-hazard cleanup. Due to the complexity of cleaning bio-hazard, we have a bio-hazard technicians on site to manage the job from beginning to end.  

Since SERVPRO of Bend has multiple technicians with this valued certification, we are able to systematically and quickly provide in-depth information on how to properly clean and dispose of contaminated items that have been affected by bio materials.

SERVPRO of Bend is always concerned about safety for both our crew and the property owners, that is why when you hire us to clean up a property, we do it with a high degree of professionalism.

Small Tree Limb Causes Hole In Roof To Leak Into Home Bend, OR

SERVPRO of Bend was called out to this home in an exclusive golf course community in Bend, Oregon. The branch, which broke from high winds, penetrated the exterior roof.

The homeowner was away and didn't notice the branch until the weather turned for the worse, and it started to rain. The rain caused ceiling damage in one of the rooms of the house.

SERVPRO of Bend was able to remove the affected material and have a roofing contractor come in and fix the roof.

Grease Fire Causes Damage Sunriver, OR

SERVPRO of Bend's fire team was called out to this residence after the homeowner's renter had suffered grease fire.

There was a significant amount of smoke and soot damage throughout the kitchen and it had spread to a few bedrooms.

SERVPRO of Bend's fire team was quick to begin removing the damaged materials so that the tenant could get into her house and remove the contents that were sentimental to her. She was grateful that SERVPRO of Bend was able to help her with the damage.

Converted Garage Suffers Water Loss La Pine, Oregon

This converted garage suffered a water leak when a light amount of snow built up between where the house ended and the garage started.

The garage space was only temporary but due to the gaps in some of the roofing material, the snow was able to build up in the cracks and freeze. Once the weather started getting warmer, the snow melted into the converted living area.

SERVPRO of Bend's water technicians were called out to meter the area and dry the wet drywall.

Since the area was temporary, the homeowner was fine with just drying the material. Once dry, SERVPRO of Bend did an exploratory inspection to ensure that no secondary damage was caused from the leak.

Mold Due To Condensation From Concrete Redmond, OR


This garage in Redmond, Oregon had some microbial growth on the drywall due to an excess amount of condensation.

SERVPRO of Bend Water Technicians went out to the house to find that the ceiling had moisture on the outside of it and some microbial growth. When SERVPRO technicians metered the area, they did not find any saturation within the wall material.

It turned out that a section of concrete floor had recently been repaired and the homeowner had poured some concrete in the garage. The moisture from the new concrete enabled moisture to form, causing microbial growth on the surface of the ceiling. SERVPRO of Bend placed a dehumidifier in the garage and were able to remove the surface mold with an environmentally safe antimicrobial solution

Water Damage At Medical Building Bend, Oregon

A small water leak caused flooring damage at this Dental Building in Bend, Oregon.

SERVPRO of Bend was called out after it was discovered that a broken instrument had caused water to leak into the lobby area.

SERVPRO of Bend's water technicians were able to dry the affected area with limited down time for the office.

Wind And Rain Storm Damage Bend, Oregon

SERVPRO of Bend was called out to this business after a tarp was blown off of the roof due to high winds and rain.

Board Up Fire Damage In Metolius, Oregon

SERVPRO of Bend was called out to a fire damaged property to board up the area.

SERVPRO of Bend's reconstruction team were able to board up the site to prevent any hazards

Small Fire Cleanup At Machine Shop In Prineville, Oregon

SERVPRO of Bend's fire team was called out to this commercial machine shop after they had a small fire at one of their welding stations.

SERVPRO of Bend's technicians were able to clean the area and deodorize the smoke smell from the warehouse.

Mold Growth In Wall Cavity

SERVPRO of Bend was called out to this commercial building in Bend, Oregon. It was reported that there had been a leak but the tenant cleaned it up, but now the were smelling a "dirt" smell.

Using a borescope, SERVPRO of Bend water team was able to find that there was some slight microbial growth in the wall cavity so they had to remove the drywall and mitigate the growth.

Water Damage to Church in Bend, OR

SERVPRO of Bend was called out to a local church in Bend, Oregon when a water pipe in the ceiling sprung a leak.

Thankfully, due to the quick response of SERVPRO of Bend, the damage was minimal and the church was extremely grateful for the quick response.

Soot Cleanup After California Wildfires

SERVPRO of Bend was dispatched to Mendocino, CA during the wildfires that ravaged the area.

SERVPRO of Bend's fire team was centralized in Redwood Valley, CA. Most of the damage to homes that were still standing was due to soot and smoke.

Apartment Mold Due to Faulty Fan in Redmond, Oregon

SERVPRO of Bend was called out to an apartment complex after one of the residence reported that a green and black substance was growing on the ceiling of their shower. Technicians from SERVPRO of Bend went out to examine the affected area.

Upon further investigation, it was found that the small bathroom's ventilation fan was broken. 

SERVPRO of Bend cleaned the affected area. Upon follow up with the tenant and the property manager, the area affected had no further problems.

If you have any questions about mold or possible microbial growth, feel free to give us a call at SERVPRO of Bend, 541-385-7044.

SERVPRO Of Bend Dispatched To Fires In Mendocino County

SERVPRO of Bend joined 26 other franchises to assist with the fires in Mendocino County.

SERVPRO of Bend's fire team went down for 12 days to assist with multiple houses that had fire damage ranging from some of the structure being damaged up to the whole house being filled with soot and smoke odor.

SERVPRO of Bend's fire team was on scene and glad to assist.

Musty Odor in Bend, Oregon Residence

SERVPRO of Bend was called out to a residence in Bend, Oregon because the homeowner thought they could smell mold in one of their bedrooms.

SERVPRO of Bend's water technicians went out and using a meter, measured if the area in question was still registering as having moisture. Though the wall didn't have any moisture, the technicians reported a heavy, musty odor. The homeowner did report that they had water damage from the previous year but thought they had cleaned it up.

SERVPRO of Bend's technicians used a borescope to look into the walls cavity with minimal damage. The borescope revealed that there was some form of growth

Water Damage to Apartment in Prineville, Oregon

This small apartment was damaged when a water line from above broke, but was not reported immediately to the property manager.

The wet ceiling and constant use of cigarettes made this apartment especially challenging for the property manager. They called SERVPRO of Bend to come out and assess the damage. After realizing the condition of the apartment, SERVPRO of Bend's water team sprung into action.

The complete ceiling and carpet had to be removed due to the amount of water that had spilled out of the broken pipe.

After the removal of the affected debris was finished, SERVPRO of Bend's cleaning team came in, using SERVPRO's Wall-and-All product to clean the walls.

Small Fire Cleanup at Convenience Store in Bend, Oregon

SERVPRO of Bend's fire team was called out to a convenience store in the Bend area when it was reported that one of the beverage cooler's motors had burned out, creating a small but contained fire.

The contents of the cooler had to be removed and the contents disposed of due to contamination. SERVPRO of Bend's fire team removed all of the contaminated items and cleaned the affected area of soot. Because of the odor, SERVPRO of Bend use hydroxyl generators to combat the burnt, electric smell in the store.

With a combination of the fire cleaning chemicals used by SERVPRO of Bend and removal of the broken cooler, the burnt smell went away.

Leak at a Commercial Laundry Facility in Redmond, Oregon

A commercial laundry facility in Redmond, Oregon suffered a small water leak when a hose broke and sprayed water on the walls and floor of the facility.

Water Technicians from SERVPRO of Bend came out to extract standing water. Due to the amount of damage, the technicians determined that some of the flooring material had to come out.

Due to the age of the building, SERVPRO of Bend took a sample of the flooring to ensure it was safe. After getting results, the team were able to remove the damaged flooring material and dry the affected area. 

High Winds Cause Commercial Window to Break

This small office space in Bend, Oregon suffered a broken window when high winds caused a tree branch to break off and hit the window. Fortunately, nobody was in the structure at the time so nobody was hurt.

SERVPRO of Bend's cleaning team was called out to clean up the broken glass and board up the window to ensure that no further damage would happen.

The cleaning team used high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) vacuums to thoroughly clean the glass and debris that was in the office area. Due to the amount of glass and many shards being very small, SERVPRO of Bend's cleaning team took extra care to make sure every part of the office was clean.

The tenant was very thankful that the clean up from SERVPRO of Bend's technicians took less than a day and the business was back up and running the next day.

Commercial Water Loss Redmond, Oregon

A main water pipe in the ceiling broke in this commercial building, affecting approximately 1200 sq. ft. of floor space and multiple rooms.

SERVPRO of Bend was called in to mitigate the water damage. Before SERVPRO of Bend's water technicians could remove all of the wet material, a portion of the ceiling tiles in one room collapsed. Fortunately, nobody was hurt.

After removing the wet material, SERVPRO of Bend was able to dry the structure and get it ready for the building owner to rebuild the interior.

Commercial Restaurant Bathroom Overflow

SERVPRO of Bend receives calls for water losses of all sizes. This commercial restaurant suffered a water loss in their bathroom due to a patron clogging the toilet and not letting management know.

The manager was notified when another customer went to use the restroom and found themselves standing in water.

SERVPRO of Bend's water technicians were on the seen to extract the water from the area and place drying equipment so that the restaurant could get back, up-and-running as soon as possible.

After a day of thorough drying and disinfecting, the bathroom was back in order.

Solar Hot Water Heater Leak

This home in Black Butte Oregon suffered a water loss when the solar hot water heater pipe broke and damaged part of the interior cedar wood ceiling and cedar wood walls.

SERVPRO of Bend was called out to remove the affected material and dry the structure. SERVPRO of Bend's water technicians used plastic to contain the walls and keep the heat in before the insulation got replaced.

Bend, Oregon Home has Smoke Odors Due to Multiple Wild Fires in the Area

This house in Bend, Oregon had a strong odor of smoke from the many wildfires in the area. The homeowner had left a bedroom window open for over a month, allowing the smell to settle in the house.

SERVPRO of Bend's fire cleaning team was called in to assist with getting rid of the odor. Fortunately, the smell was confined to the room that had the window left open.

SERVPRO of Bend cleaned the walls using SERVPRO's fire cleaning products and then added a Hydroxyl generator, which uses UV wavelengths to deodorize fire and smoke odor. 

The benefit to using a Hydroxyl generator is that are safe to use in occupied areas for deodorization purposes 

Mold Growth from Previous Damage

SERVPRO of Bend was called to a water loss when a toilet on the 2nd floor of this Bend, Oregon house overflowed. SERVPRO of Bend technicians began removing the affected material but found more than just a water loss.

Based on the staining of the wood and the amount of microbial growth in such a little amount of time, it was apparent that a previous loss had occurred, causing mold to grow.

Based on further investigation, the homeowner did have a previous water loss but thought that it had been cleaned up.

SERVPRO of Bend was able to mitigate the mold. The homeowner was surprised at the amount of mold but SERVPRO of Bend technicians explained that in some cases, mold spores can lie dormant for long periods of time, until conditions are favorable for growth.

Commercial Water Loss Madras, Oregon

This commercial facility in Madras, Oregon sustained a lot of water damage when an internal water line broke from a weak fitting.

SERVPRO of Bend was called in to extract the water and dry the facility out.

After the pipe was fixed, SERVPRO of Bend's water technicians were able to dry the facility out without having to remove most of the affected materials.

The business was back, up and running within a few days.

Mold Growth in Crawlspace of House in Sunriver, Oregon

This Sunriver vacation house had a water line break in the crawlspace during its construction. The water line was repaired but the floor sheathing was installed shortly after the repair but before the soil in the crawlspace had adequate time to dry. 

SERVPRO of Bend was called in to mitigate the mold. Due to the moisture of the soil, SERVPRO of Bend's water technicians first dried the crawlspace out, applied a vapor barrier and then cleaned the mold spores from the underside of the sheathing.

Storm Causes Damage to Business in Redmond, Oregon

SERVPRO of Bend was called out to this commercial property after it had experienced a large amount of water damage it had sustained from an early Fall rain storm.

SERVPRO of Bend's water team was on site to remove damaged material from the affected areas. Fortunately, the subfloor material was concrete so the flooring material was able to be dried using multiple pieces of drying equipment.

After the roof was repaired, the tenant was happily able to get back to business with minimal disruption to their business. 

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Training

At SERVPRO of Bend we take pride in providing continuing education classes to our technicians.

Here is one of our Crew Chiefs providing training on how to properly clean a commercial carpet. There are a lot of different trade protocols to follow when cleaning a carpet, especially based on the material that the carpet is made of.

SERVPRO of Bend stays current with the latest technologies so we can provide our customers with the most up-to-date knowledge of how to properly clean and repair any damaged material.

Bathroom Fire Cleaning

This bathroom fire in Redmond, Oregon was caused by a smoldering match thrown in a trash can.

The toilet tank cracked and put out the fire but not until a large amount of smoke and soot contaminated the rest of the structure.

SERVPRO of Bend's fire cleaning team came out and removed the burnt material and were able to clean the affected areas using a multitude of SERVPRO products, such as Wall-and-All to clean the soot covered walls.

Sudden Storm Damage

SERVPRO of Bend was called to a structure in Bend, Oregon that had sustained water damage shortly after a torrential downpour.

In late Summer, early Fall Central Oregon will experience quick, but very heavy wind and rain storms. Some of these storms can cause a lot of damage, as it did to this building in Bend.

SERVPRO of Bend certified water technicians came out and were able to extract the water that had leaked from the roof. Because of the quick response from the tenant, the water was mostly on the surface so clean up by SERVPRO of Bend technicians was quick.

Sewer Backup

This basement in Redmond, Oregon suffered a sewer backup, creating approximately 1,000 gallons of contaminated water to pool in a common area of the building. SERVPRO of Bend was called out to extract the water. After extracting the water, SERVPRO of Bend was able to salvage the contents of the room, dry it out and then clean the contaminated area with an environmentally safe Disinfectant.

Soaring With Eagles

SERVPRO of Bend was honored to receive the "Soaring With Eagles" coin from the Pederson Distributorship. This award is given to franchises personally by Dan and Connie Pederson and we are extremely excited to be the recipient of one of these coveted awards.

Millionaire's Award - Silver

SERVPRO of Bend received a Millionaire's Award from the Pederson Distributorship. This was a wonderful achievement for our franchise. We thank all of those who make the extra effort to make SERVPRO of Bend such a wonderful place to work. 

Celebratory Paintball

Our crew was able to meet their Wildly Important Goals (WIG) for this quarter, so they voted to go to the local paintball arena. It was an overwhelming success! Fun was had by all but we all left there with a few more aches and pains than what we arrived there with.

SERVPRO Equipment

This Storm event has been keeping us very busy here in Central Oregon. Due to our volume, we were able to order more equipment from our corporate offices and immediately put it in production. Thankfully, corporate sales were efficient so our equipment came to us when we needed it most. We are so grateful for our corporate support.

SERVPRO of Douglas County Trailer

We're thankful to all of those franchises who came to our rescue during this recent storm event in Bend, Oregon. The usual snow fall in Bend is about 4" inches and we got 51". Our teams are still working with customers to ensure that their property losses are taking care of. It was reported that over 46,000 claims were reported in Central Oregon during this storm event. SERVPRO of Bend were able to handle 4-times the amount of claims, thanks to all of those franchises who took the time and effort to help us out. We love our SERVPRO Family!

Water Technician WIG Meeting

Our technicians meet daily for a few minutes to review how well they are accomplishing their Wildly Important Goals (WIG). Each department sets their own goals and meets daily to see if they have accomplished what they set out to do.