Water Damage Photo Gallery

Converted Garage Suffers Water Loss La Pine, Oregon

This converted garage suffered a water leak when a light amount of snow built up between where the house ended and the garage started.

The garage space was only temporary but due to the gaps in some of the roofing material, the snow was able to build up in the cracks and freeze. Once the weather started getting warmer, the snow melted into the converted living area.

SERVPRO of Bend's water technicians were called out to meter the area and dry the wet drywall.

Since the area was temporary, the homeowner was fine with just drying the material. Once dry, SERVPRO of Bend did an exploratory inspection to ensure that no secondary damage was caused from the leak.

Water Damage At Medical Building Bend, Oregon

A small water leak caused flooring damage at this Dental Building in Bend, Oregon.

SERVPRO of Bend was called out after it was discovered that a broken instrument had caused water to leak into the lobby area.

SERVPRO of Bend's water technicians were able to dry the affected area with limited down time for the office.

Water Damage to Apartment in Prineville, Oregon

This small apartment was damaged when a water line from above broke, but was not reported immediately to the property manager.

The wet ceiling and constant use of cigarettes made this apartment especially challenging for the property manager. They called SERVPRO of Bend to come out and assess the damage. After realizing the condition of the apartment, SERVPRO of Bend's water team sprung into action.

The complete ceiling and carpet had to be removed due to the amount of water that had spilled out of the broken pipe.

After the removal of the affected debris was finished, SERVPRO of Bend's cleaning team came in, using SERVPRO's Wall-and-All product to clean the walls.

Leak at a Commercial Laundry Facility in Redmond, Oregon

A commercial laundry facility in Redmond, Oregon suffered a small water leak when a hose broke and sprayed water on the walls and floor of the facility.

Water Technicians from SERVPRO of Bend came out to extract standing water. Due to the amount of damage, the technicians determined that some of the flooring material had to come out.

Due to the age of the building, SERVPRO of Bend took a sample of the flooring to ensure it was safe. After getting results, the team were able to remove the damaged flooring material and dry the affected area. 

Solar Hot Water Heater Leak

This home in Black Butte Oregon suffered a water loss when the solar hot water heater pipe broke and damaged part of the interior cedar wood ceiling and cedar wood walls.

SERVPRO of Bend was called out to remove the affected material and dry the structure. SERVPRO of Bend's water technicians used plastic to contain the walls and keep the heat in before the insulation got replaced.

Sewer Backup

This basement in Redmond, Oregon suffered a sewer backup, creating approximately 1,000 gallons of contaminated water to pool in a common area of the building. SERVPRO of Bend was called out to extract the water. After extracting the water, SERVPRO of Bend was able to salvage the contents of the room, dry it out and then clean the contaminated area with an environmentally safe Disinfectant.