General Photo Gallery

Soaring With Eagles

SERVPRO of Bend was honored to receive the "Soaring With Eagles" coin from the Pederson Distributorship. This award is given to franchises personally by Dan and Connie Pederson and we are extremely excited to be the recipient of one of these coveted awards.

Millionaire's Award - Silver

SERVPRO of Bend received a Millionaire's Award from the Pederson Distributorship. This was a wonderful achievement for our franchise. We thank all of those who make the extra effort to make SERVPRO of Bend such a wonderful place to work. 

Celebratory Paintball

Our crew was able to meet their Wildly Important Goals (WIG) for this quarter, so they voted to go to the local paintball arena. It was an overwhelming success! Fun was had by all but we all left there with a few more aches and pains than what we arrived there with.

SERVPRO Equipment

This Storm event has been keeping us very busy here in Central Oregon. Due to our volume, we were able to order more equipment from our corporate offices and immediately put it in production. Thankfully, corporate sales were efficient so our equipment came to us when we needed it most. We are so grateful for our corporate support.

Water Technician WIG Meeting

Our technicians meet daily for a few minutes to review how well they are accomplishing their Wildly Important Goals (WIG). Each department sets their own goals and meets daily to see if they have accomplished what they set out to do.