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Why Do You Need SERVPRO?

3/17/2022 (Permalink)

Imagine you’ve just experienced a fire in your home, a flood, or a major storm. You and your family are safe, but you’re standing in the middle of a disaster zone—or what used to be your home. 

Perhaps the roof or siding of your home has been compromised, or there is a foot of stagnant water sloshing around in your basement. Your home might be dangerous to be inside or even unlivable. These types of situations can cause a considerable amount of stress and worry, not to mention a health or safety hazard for you and your family. Your home needs restoration, and quickly, before the problem gets worse, and believe it or not, it can get worse.

When you’re faced with flood, fire, or storm damage to your home or other property, a helping hand from a professional can make all the difference. At SERVPRO of Bend, we’re trained to assess and repair damage to your home and get it fixed as quickly as possible.

We’re responsive in an emergency.

Disaster doesn’t keep a 9-to-5 schedule, which is why we provide 24-hour emergency services in the Bend, Redmond, Madras, Sunriver, La Pine, Prineville, and other surrounding Central Oregon areas. 

We’re responsive to you regardless of the hour or day because we understand the situation's urgency. It’s our priority to prevent secondary damage from affecting your home and do everything we can to help reduce your overall costs. 

In just 48 hours, a situation like water damage can eat away at your home, costing you a considerable amount of time and money. SERVPRO of Bend responds faster than any other service—regardless of the size of your emergency.

We’re restoration specialists.

When you’re dealing with property damage, you want the help of a highly trained professional who can assess the situation quickly and efficiently. Here at SERVPRO, we respond to your emergency with certified technicians who are experienced in property damage restoration and who are ready to answer your questions—right there on the spot.

Our technicians are trained to standards set by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), with an understanding of the following restoration topics:

  • Fire restoration
  • Water restoration
  • Carpet and upholstery cleaning
  • Mold mitigation

We’re also focused on continuing education, keeping our staff up-to-date on the best ways to mitigate emergencies, and restoring your home after it has been affected by water, fire, or storm damage. 

SERVPRO is part of the community.

Thanks to our network of 1,700 franchises across the country, we can get to you quickly, no matter where you are. We have technicians and carpenters available on call 24/7, with the knowledge and experience you need to restore your home. 

At SERVPRO of Bend, we’re locally opened and operated, which means we live here, too—and we’re equipped to repair any kind of damage that can affect your Central Oregon home. We have the resources you need to handle any major event, regardless of how big or small.

Are you dealing with the destructive aftermath of a fire, flood, storm, or other natural disaster? For emergency and damage restoration services in Bend, OR, and the surrounding Central Oregon area, contact us at SERVPRO of Bend for a team of disaster recovery professionals. We are also available in North Deschutes, Jefferson, and Crook County

Going Beyond Just Placing Equipment

2/10/2022 (Permalink)


Immediate action is crucial when dealing with water damage. At SERVPRO of Bend We specialize in water damage restoration. We have extensive water damage restoration training, and our process emphasizes regular monitoring and documentation of the drying process from beginning to end.

Our Water Mitigation technicians are certified through the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) to ensure that our customers are receiving a quality of service that goes beyond someone just showing up and placing equipment. Our Technicians understand the Science of Drying and apply drying standards to each job to ensure that the job is being completed quickly and thoroughly.

Our advanced equipment helps to detect hidden moisture, extract the standing water quickly, and thoroughly clean and dry your home and belongings. We finish the job with professional deodorization and sanitizing agents for your comfort and safety.

If you live in Bend, Redmond, La Pine, Sunriver, Madras or any other area in Central Oregon and need assistance with water damage, don't hesitate to give SERVPRO of Bend a call at 541-385-7044.

Commercial Versus Residential Mitigation

2/9/2022 (Permalink)

Providing mitigation services to both a Commercial property is not the same as providing the same services to a residential property. Commercial properties have more advanced systems and intricacies in the structure that many other companies do not have the expertise or knowledge to properly manage. SERVPRO of Bend has the unique disposition of being a general contractor (CCB#203503) for both residential and commercial properties and is certified in Commercial Drying through the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). 

When we are onsite at a commercial property, SERVPRO of Bend will have a certified technician to properly mitigate a commercial property. This is our commitment to our customers.

We service Bend, Redmond, Madras, Sunriver, La Pine, Prineville and surrounding areas within Central Oregon. If you have questions about our commercial property services, feel free to give SERVPRO of Bend a call (541) 385-7044.

Storm Response Program

2/2/2022 (Permalink)

Property Damage can be stressful no matter the size of the loss. From a small leak under a bathroom sink to a major snowstorm battering cities across the nation, SERVPRO continues to be available for Fire, Water, and Storm damage mitigation and repair.

SERVPRO is one of the few organizations that have a Storm Response Program that allows us to maximize production volume because of weather and catastrophic events. The program is capable of scaling to manage catastrophic events – from a local micro-burst, up to large-scale hurricanes which requires mobilization of hundreds of crews.

SERVPRO of Bend Technicians are part of a larger “one team” effort to assist in areas that have been affected by storm events.

If you have interest how SERVPRO of Bend responds to storm events or need assistance with any size property damage, feel free and give SERVPRO of Bend a call at 541-385-7044.

SERVPRO Technicians Continuing Education

2/1/2022 (Permalink)


SERVPRO of Bend is committed to continuing education for our team members. We provide training and opportunities for our team members so they can advance their skills and keep up with the latest advancements and innovations in the disaster restoration and cleaning fields. Though the science of drying remains relatively the same, we feel it is our duty to continue researching new and inventive ways to get a damaged property or business back to its preloss condition.

Each year, we review the level of certifications our employees have and map out an education plan so that they can provide our customers with the latest, and most innovative techniques within the industry. SERVPRO of Bend is committed to providing services that exceed our customers’ expectations by providing continuing education and certification paths for each of our employees.  

If you’re interested in helping people who have suffered a property loss and want to advance your skills in the Cleaning and Restoration Industry, give SERVPRO of Bend a call at 541-385-7044.

Emergency Ready Profiles at No Cost

2/9/2021 (Permalink)

Don't wait until it's too late. Prepare yourself with an Emergency Ready Profile today!

Picture this: you're sitting at a desk in your home or business, reading the newspaper or returning emails, maybe wondering what you'll have for lunch or if you remembered to turn off the stove. Everything is how it always has been, and your window promises another perfect Central Oregon day to come, surely like all the others. This day, though, will be a very different one; and the violent geyser of water about to erupt from your ceiling is going to prove it. 

These situations (sudden water or fire losses) are not the time to decide what you are going to do. Thoughts such as "where is the water shut off" and "is that a gas or electric appliance" could cost you time, and in turn money, because every second the source is not dealt with additional damage is being done. To illustrate this point, I will relate to you a story that was told to me by a fellow SERVPRO employee from another part of the country. It underlines the need for a contingency plan in case of property damage, and how even if you yourself know the building like the back of you hand, some of your employees (or family members) may not.

In a different state in a past year, there was a privately-owned sporting goods company which carried everything from footwear to soccer balls, running apparel and exercise equipment. This smallish store, in keeping with many others around the country, employed younger high school and college students who were left to close up the shop at the end of the night after the owner had long since gone home. After locking the doors, a few of these employees thought it would be fun to toss a football back and forth across the now-empty retailer, which they did--sending the ball spiraling by the ceiling and eventually directly into an overhead fire-suppression spigot. Having broken the small glass vial normally designed to react to flames and heat, every single sprinkler in the store began to spew the grey-stinking water that had sat in the lines for years, beginning to soak almost every square foot of the building. The young employees, thoroughly distressed by this strange new turn of events, proceeded to do what is usually never advisable in these moments: they panicked. No one knew how to shut the water off. No one even knew who to call. With the fire alarm screaming and water continuing to pour from the ceiling, the employees decided to contact the fire department who by this time were most likely already on their way. At a loss of what else to do (no one seemed to want to call the owner), the employees exited the store and waited out front for the fire fighters to hopefully shut the water off as the contents continued to saturate behind them. The fire department did, with some difficultly, and almost an hour after the water began to fall the alarm finally stopped sounding and the indoor monsoon ceased. Not surprisingly, the entire stock of contents besides some metal items were a total loss, and the building itself had to be treated for extensive water damage.

As the blog photo states, 50% of all businesses who experience a disaster may never reopen. In some cases, such as the aforementioned sporting goods store, the reason for this is because the damage could not be stopped quickly and what would have only been a small cleanup soon became an emergency. If the employees had known how to shut the water off, the outcome would have been very different; thousands of fewer gallons of water would have made it from the pipes to the sales floor, and many of the contents could have been saved. With no plan in place, they never had a chance.

For these reasons, I wish to introduce you to the SERVPRO Emergency Ready Profile which we will happily provide to your home or bushiness at absolutely no cost or obligation. These function as contingency plans and list all of the important information when dealing with emergencies: a floor plan and exit strategy, water and gas shutoff locations, emergency contacts, building background and insurance information. These ERPs can be produced physically and added to existing contingency plans, or even shared digitally to every one of your employees cellular phones or computers. If a water or fire loss does occur (or any other kind of disaster) you, your employees, or family members, will be able to easily access this information and guide themselves to shutoffs or breaker boxes with provided photos and descriptions. This will help you keep your family or employees safe, and allow you the peace of mind of knowing that you would not act as a bottleneck in the event of an emergency when every second counts. 

If you would like to view an ERP, or have one completed for your home or business, please do not hesitate to call SERVPRO of Bend and ask for Brad. We can come to your location in a time that works for you, and will likely take less than half an hour. Be prepared for the worst and you'll easily deal with the rest! 

Hoarding Cleanup in Central Oregon

2/1/2021 (Permalink)

Not all cleaning jobs are created equal. Most might only take a handful of hours, maybe some light deodorization or disinfection after cleanup, and would never involve dump trailers, hazmat suits, respirators or bio-bags. Others fall into a different category, one where the amount of "junk" to be removed from the premises dwarfs all else, and the time required, along with the products used, could change significantly. "Hoarding" cases is what these are usually referred to, and SERVPRO of Bend has been taking care of them for over a decade.

In hoarding situations, when "a persistent difficulty discarding or parting with possessions because of a perceived need to save them" occurs, it can be overwhelming to know what to do or even where to start. Along with the possibility of there not being enough manpower to handle the large amount of contents, there may be other factors at play further complicating the job. Some of these may include: hazardous material, inhalation risks, bio-contamination, and a number of other things that may not be safe for anyone to undertake without the proper PPEs. A concern too, is what damage may have been done to the walls, floors and ceilings, by the sometimes years-worth of accumulated debris; a vacuum will likely not get the job done.

Another large concern, especially if the person is still living in the home, is what will happen to the contents removed from the premises. Although in many cases items may not be salvageable due to damage, we will try to do everything in our power to save valuables and anything else deemed to be rescued. Likewise, we always take every measure to save carpets and walls by treating and cleaning them rather than simply tearing them out. Much can be done with modern deodorizers and sanitizers when properly applied.

If you or someone you know would like an inspection and estimate, please do not hesitate to call SERVPRO of Bend today. We understand that this can sometimes be a sensitive situation, and daunting to say the least, but one that can be mitigated in an efficient and professional way, faster than you think.

4 Things You Need to Know Before Burning Yard Waste

2/26/2020 (Permalink)

Approximately 85% of wildfires in the United States are started accidentally by humans. One of the major causes of these wildfires is the improper burning of yard waste. Taking some simple and necessary precautions can greatly reduce the chances of causing a fire when doing this.

Here are four things that you need to know before burning yard waste:

1.) Never leave a fire unattended.

This may seem obvious to most people, but it's arguably the most important thing to remember when burning yard waste. All it takes is a split second for a fire to spark where it's not supposed to, so you want to monitor your fire at all times. 

2.) Always make sure fire is completely doused with water or smothered with dirt when you're finished.

You will want to make sure that your fire is completely put out before leaving it. A great way to do this is to douse it with water or smother it with dirt. 

3.) Don't burn anything highly flammable.

You want to be careful about what you are burning with your yard waste. Refrain from using any items that could be deemed highly flammable, such as paper or fabric that has been exposed to oil or gasoline. 

4.) Don't burn yard waste on a windy day.

If the wind is excessive, you may want to postpone your yard waste burning to a different day. If a spark gets caught in the wind wrong, it has the chance of igniting a wildfire. 

Contact Information:

If you have any questions about burning yard waste, please do not hesitate to call the SERVPRO of Bend office at 541-385-7044. We service all of Central Oregon, including Bend, Redmond, Sisters, Sunriver, Madras, La Pine, Prineville and all of the surrounding areas.

3 DIY Tips for Removing Unwanted Car Odors

2/11/2020 (Permalink)

Anybody that has had an unpleasant odor in their car before understands that it can be a huge nuisance. The first thing that you must do before removing any car odor is remove the source of the smell. If this isn't done, then you will only be able to temporarily remove any unwanted odors.

Here are a few DIY methods for deodorizing your vehicle:

1.) Baking Soda

Sprinkling baking soda on the interior of your car is a common way to remove odors. Baking soda absorbs most odors that it comes into contact with, making it a great tool for deodorization. Simply sprinkle the baking soda all over the seats, floor and trunk of your car and let it sit for a few hours. Once its had a chance to absorb any unusual smells, you can vacuum it up.

2.) Coffee

Using coffee grounds can also be a great way to remove odors from your vehicle. Like baking soda, simply sprinkle the grounds on the floors and seats of your car and let is sit for a few hours. Once it's given enough time to do its magic, vacuum it all up. If it's successful, you should have a subtle coffee smell in your car and any smelly odors should be gone. 

Disclaimer: If you don't like the smell of coffee, you should probably try one of the other two methods.

3.) Cat Litter

If you have some extra cat litter lying around, it could also be used to get rid of odors in your vehicle. Cat litter is designed to get rid of odors of urine and feces, but it can also be a great tool to get rid of other odors. Sprinkle the cat litter on the inside of your car and let it sit for a few hours. Once it has had time to absorb any smells, vacuum it up. You should be aware that cat litter can sometimes be difficult to vacuum, so you will want to be sure you have a high quality vacuum to use in order to do this.  

Contact Information:

If you have any questions about vehicle deodorization, please do not hesitate to call the SERVPRO of Bend office at 541-385-7044.

4 Ways to Detect Frozen Pipes

2/5/2020 (Permalink)

When the weather gets colder in the winter, pipes are at risk of freezing. Luckily, if you catch a frozen pipe early on, you can likely avoid having it burst and paying much higher cost for reparations.

Here are 4 ways that you can use to detect if your pipes may be frozen:

1.) Check the outside temperature.

Water doesn't freeze unless the temperature is 32°F or below. If the outside temperature is above this, then it is very unlikely that your pipes are frozen.

2.) Observe your pipes to see if there is frost on their exterior.

A more clear-cut way to see if your pipes may be frozen is to check if there is frost on their exterior. If you do find frost, you should take caution in turning on your faucets to avoid the possibility of your pipe bursting. 

3.) Test your faucets to see if there is running water.

If you turn on your faucet and very minimal or no water at all is coming out, then this may be a sign that the pipe responsible for the faucet is frozen. 

4.) Investigate if there are any strange odors coming from your faucets or drains.

Frozen pipes may create unusual smells that emanate from your faucets or drains. This is because when pipes are blocked by ice, the only direction for the odor to travel is back through these areas.

Contact Information:

If you have any questions about water damage, please do not hesitate to call the SERVPRO of Bend office at 541-385-7044. 

5 Tips for Winterizing Your Home

2/4/2020 (Permalink)

When winter comes around, electric bills can tend to go up. Taking some simple steps to winterize your home can help you save money and prevent unnecessary water and mold damage to your home.

Here are 5 tips that you can use to winterize your home this season:

1.) Clean out your gutters.

Having functional gutters is very important during the winter season. If water cannot drain properly from your roof, you may be at risk of forming icicles that can lead to ice dams. If you're unsure of what an ice dam is, please see our How to Recognize an Ice Dam article. 

2.) Monitor if your air filters need to be changed. 

You should periodically check your air filters in your central air and heating system to make sure that they're in good shape. If your air filters appear to be clogged, you might want to consider changing them out with new ones. This can improve the efficiency of your heating system and save you money on long and short-term maintenance costs.

3.) Add insulation film to your windows.

Insulation film may not look the most aesthetic, but it can make a big difference on keeping heat from leaking through your windows during the winter months. Research shows that window insulation film can keep as much as 70% of additional heat from escaping through your windows. With an amount this significant, it's definitely worth thinking about. 

4.) Use caulk to fill any gaps in windows, siding and doors.

Caulking any gaps in windows, siding and doors in your home is a very affordable option for winterizing your home that can greatly reduce the amount of heat loss that you experience during the winter season. 

5.) Use a programmable thermostat in your home.

Using a programmable thermostat can make a huge difference lowering your heating bill. With this type of thermostat, you can program it to have a lower temperature when you're not home or asleep. This can be really useful to people that work full-time.

Contact Information:

If you have any questions about water or mold damage, please do not hesitate to call the SERVPRO of Bend office at 541-385-7044. 

4 Tips for Winter Fire Safety

1/7/2020 (Permalink)

House fires spike when the weather gets colder in the months of December and January. The leading cause of these house fires is the use of heating equipment. According to the National Fire Protection Association, the US Fire Department responds to an average of 50 thousand fires per year just from heating equipment.

Here are a few simple tips that you can follow to prevent house fires in your home this winter:

1.) Be mindful when using space heaters.

Space heaters account for more than two in five of house fires due to heating equipment (source: NFPA). Of these fires, 86% result in fatalities. The biggest cause of space heater fires is having them placed too close to flammable objects. In order to prevent this, you can follow the "3 feet" rule (see tip #2).

2.) Follow the "3 feet" rule.

A good rule of thumb is to keep anything that is flammable a minimum of three feet from any heating equipment, such as the furnace, fireplace, wood stove and portable space heaters. This will lessen the chance of anything accidentally catching fire. 

3.) Turn off all heating equipment before going to bed.

Most heating equipment fires do not occur overnight. However, the ones that do account for almost half of house fire fatalities from heating equipment. Make sure to turn off all heating equipment before going to bed. You're better off using an extra blanket or two than unnecessarily risking your life.

4.) Remember that ovens are not heaters.

Ovens should never be used for a source of heat. This is an inefficient way to heat your house, and it can actually cause carbon monoxide poisoning. Stick to using your oven to make food as it's designed to do. 

Contact Information:

If you have any questions about wintertime fire safety or fire damage, please do not hesitate to call the SERVPRO of Bend office at 541-385-7044. We service all of Central Oregon, including Bend, Redmond, Sisters, Sunriver, Madras, La Pine, Prineville and all of the surrounding areas.

Signs of Failing Gutters after an Ice Dam in Central Oregon

3/26/2019 (Permalink)

After this Winters ice damming, it’s important to keep the maintenance up on your Central Oregon home.

It is important to keep your gutters clean and free of debris. This might seem like a basic task, and one that not a lot of people like to do. However, not doing so can create significant issues for your property if not taken care of. From roof leaks to problems with the foundation of your home, clogged gutters can lead to costly repairs if they are left untreated. 

If you are seeing signs such as shingles with curled up ends, missing shingles, gutters which are pulling away from your home these are clear warning signs that your gutters are failing. When water damage is apparent on your home, you need water cleanup services from SERVPRO of Bend.

SERVPRO of Bend can take a look at your home to see where the damage is and how extensive it is, plus clean it up.  

Cracks in your gutters lead to water leakage and water damage to your home. If you do not deal with it right away, this leads to larger cracks and more expensive damages.

If you have any questions regarding roof damage or water intrusion to your home, feel free to call SERVPRO of Bend at 541-385-7044.

Asbestos Testing on Every Property 2004 and Older

3/13/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Bend's priority is making sure that our customers and our team members are safe, especially with hazardous or potentially hazardous materials.

In Oregon, homes constructed prior to 2004 may contain asbestos in their walls, ceilings, floors, roofs, siding, HVAC systems, insulation, pipes and more. Homes and buildings constructed prior to 2004 need to be tested for asbestos. Asbestos is a natural occurring mineral that was used extensively in the U.S. in many construction materials. Use has decreased significantly over the years, but there are still building materials produced today that contain asbestos.

When asbestos-containing material is disturbed and improperly handled, tiny hazardous fibers are released into the air and may cause lung cancer and other illnesses.  It’s important that asbestos is properly tested before any material is removed. 

In accordance with Oregon law, we test every material that is in a home that has been built in 2004 or older prior to removing it.

If you have questions about asbestos or any other hazardous material, feel free to give SERVPRO of Bend a call at (541)385-7044.

We Provide an Emergency Readiness Profile For FREE

3/13/2019 (Permalink)

Many commercial property owners don't realize that SERVPRO of Bend provides an Emergency Readiness Profile (ERP) for FREE.

We at SERVPRO of Bend know that the best time of planning for catastrophic events are not when the event happens, but before anything happens. Nobody plans on having a disaster but they can always build a plan in case one happens. Many property owners that we have talked to about ERP’s are surprised to realize that they don’t have an “official” plan when it comes to, “What would happen if…”

It isn’t uncommon when asked, that many commercial property owners don’t know where their main water shut off is. It is very important to know where a water shutoff and other primary components of the building are located. Fortunately, the SERVPRO Emergency Readiness Profile (ERP) that SERVPRO of Bend provides locates and documents these important components for FREE.   

This is where an ERP is a huge advantage and compliment to a business’s Disaster Planning Program. 

While other restoration companies charge for this valuable service, We at SERVPRO of Bend do it for FREE.

If you have questions or would like to schedule an Emergency Readiness Profile at your commercial property, don't hesitate giving us a call at 541-385-7044.

Providing Information to combat Ice Dams

3/12/2019 (Permalink)

Protect your investment by preventing dangerous ice dams and icicles Summit Ice Melt Systems


SERVPRO of Bend has been providing preventative maintenance information to Central Oregonians for over 12 years. Our team are local professionals who understand the variety of weather changes that Central Oregon experiences. 

During the winter months, such as right now, ice dams can begin to wreak havoc on residential and commercial properties. Ice dams are a natural occurrence in snow country. They form when certain conditions co-exist. During these conditions, dangerous icicle and heavy ice formations develop.

To combat ice dams, it is important to remove snow build up from eaves and rain gutters. Too much build up of ice on the edge of the eaves will freeze, causing a dam of ice. When snow located on the upper are of the roof, where it is exposed to heat melts, it has nowhere to go but down. This in turn, could create water damage.

If you feel you have damage from an ice dam, don't hesitate to call SERVPRO of Bend at 541-385-7044.