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Mold Remediation Testimonials

I would like to commend: Nicholas Selkirk, for his professional & courteous way of handling our mold job in our crawlspace. He was very kind & patient. He took the extra time to answer all my questions & help me understand the whole process. I'm a senior citizen. I truly appreciate people like him! It is people like him who are an asset to a company!!

My realtor recommended I call SERVPRO of Bend to come out and take a look at our attic. This is after we were unhappy with the quote we got from another company.

We were trying to sell our house but during the inspection, they found mold in the attic. We called SERVPRO of Bend and they were able to dome out within a day to take a look. They found a lot of surface mold and kindly put together a quote for us. Wow! There quote was a lot less than the other company. We hired SERVPRO and they were able to not only get the job done at less of an expense to us, but they also did it in one day.

We appreciate their work and the house sold.

We had a serious mold issue in our house, following a leak that went unnoticed for a while. SERVPRO of Bend came out and inspected the area and determined that it is definitely wet and moldy. I was unsure if my insurance would cover the damage so I didn't want any work done until I could confirm that I was covered.

The gentlemen that was here covered the area in plastic so we wouldn't have any further exposure to the mold. I asked how much I owed him and he said that we didn't owe anything. He said he wanted to make sure that we were safe. I was so impressed. Fortunately, I was covered and SERVPRO of Bend came out and took care of all of the issues.

Thank you again SERVPRO of Bend for a speedy response and answers to the difficult situation regarding the house.

I will impress upon the buyer to further the removal of the top layer of the flooring, where you first removed the mold.

Time was of the essence for this property to close and your team stepped up to get everything in order. Great commercial by the way.

My Realtor recommended Brent Irwin of SERVPRO in Bend to handle some microbial remediation we needed done for an urgent closing.  Brent was so professional, thorough, and timely it exceeded my expectations! He said he would not perform or charge me for services that were unnecessary, and to our relief he was able to perform the work as needed at a much lower cost than another company.  Brent is willing to stand behind hi work and you can count on him to do the work necessary in a timely and professional manner.  I would recommend SERVPRO of Bend to anyone who needs  and damage restoration work done on their property.

This is my fourth experience with your company, and you are the best! Two were at my personal residence, and two have been at the rental. Two were insurance related, and two were out of pocket. Special thanks to Charlene, who went out of her way to call Habitat and have the abandoned refrigerator taken for good use… I commend your team management, for not all things in my world go this smoothly! Most sincere thanks.